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Tattoo Juice and Hollow Tattoo Template Set

$21.99 USD $15.99 USD -27%
Dark Blue
Template A + Black
Template B + Black
Template C + Black

Create your own unique designs with cosmetic quality temporary tattoo markers in vibrant, long-lasting colors!

This product is so cool! My daughter had a great time trying it out. She even did some freehand design on her arms, which was easy due to the tiny tip on the bottle. The stencils are really cute, with lots of variety in one pack. Great gift for a teen.

- Hazel Lewis 

Create Lovely Tattoos - Painting a cute tattoo before dating at weekend night, or with your kids/ friends should be a nice time. With the help of templates, your drawing design becomes simpler, it helps you complete tattoos in a short time or you can use your imagination to DIY your own tattoos.



100% real natural plants-based material, Ān-free / No PPD, doesn’t contain any chemical components, harmless to the skin without side effect, you could use with confidence.


It is waterproof and can last for 5-7 days. It will get weakened by the shower.  It can withstand many time-intense gym workouts and showers, the actual time depends on how many times it touches water. And it can be easily removed by rubbing body oil or olive oil.


No waste and easy to operate, you don't need to spend money to buy an applicator bottle. metal needle tip allows for highly detailed designs and the bottle's ease of squeeze and control. It's easier and more convenient to draw delicate patterns and easy for storage.


3 set adhesive tattoo stencils (119 pcs total) available to meet different likes. Always one option fit for you. Rich DIY options can help you paint cute tattoos more easily. 


Feel free to DIY your favorite patterns or choose your favorite stencils for body art painting, and enjoy a happy time with friends and family.


1. Clean and dry the surface of the area to be used before use.
2. Peel off the template and apply it to the area you want to use.
3. Fill the tattoo with the metal point head. (Thickness: 1mm-2mm)
4. Wipe any errors with a damp cloth/cotton swab.
5. Wait for about 30 minutes until the tattoo solidifies.
6. Tear the tattoo stencil, remove the impurities, and get the final result.


●Capacity: 15ml/0.5oz each
●Color: Black/Dark Blue/Red/Blue/Green/Purple/Brown
●Template A/B: 6 pcs Stencils
●Template C: 107 pcs Stencils
●Package Listing:
Tattoo Ink *1 Bottle / Stencil *1 set + Tattoo Ink * 1 Bottle
Our waterproof body makeup tattoo kit can be painting most places.
Here is the Rated of every part painting effective by a professional tattoo artist.

●5 Star: Arms/ Neck/ Ankles/ Feet/ Waist.
●4 Star : Hands/ Wrist
●3 Star : Finger



●How to tell if the tattoo cream is dry?
A: When they do not dry completely, the lower layer of temporary tatuajes has obvious water pointes.

●How to apply the paste? The tattoo I painted is different from the template
A: When pasting, please keep uniform force and adopt a suitable dosage(1mm-2mm is suggested). Smear speed should not be too fast to prevent the shifting of the template and influence the pattern effect.

●The color I used the first time is different from the second time?
A: When painting, the thickness of the paste will affect the final color.

●How should I store it?
A: Tighten the lid after use and store it in a cool place. Be careful not to place it where children can reach it.


-Do not put directly on eyes.
-Do not wipe or rub it strongly.
-Please do a skin test before use. Not recommended for people with allergies.