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✨Father\'s Day Promotion- 50%OFF✨360° deep cleaning toothbrush

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  • Do you do the same in a fast-paced life? I get up too late to brush my teeth, the inner side of the teeth is not brushed properly, the teeth are brushed and the gums are bleeding.
  • We need such a six-sided care toothbrush to take care of the hard-working ourselves!

Main Features

  • Improve The Efficiency Of Brushing
    Using a multi-faceted toothbrush, it takes 2 minutes for normal people to brush their teeth. Experiments have shown that it only takes 1 minute to use the six-sided care toothbrush, which can achieve a cleaning effect of more than 2 minutes.
  • Multi-faceted Scientific Nursing
    The toothbrush adopts a six-sided bristle design, which is six times more efficient than an ordinary toothbrush. It wraps the upper and lower teeth and can clean the inside and outside of the teeth in a 360° depth, leaving no residue on the surfaces of the teeth.
  • Protect The Gums
    This six-sided toothbrush designed according to the arrangement of human teeth can effectively remove plaque, clean the oral cavity, fully protect and clean the teeth, and also play a role in gum massage.
  • Get Rid Of Bad Breath Dental Calculus
    As we all know, the main cause of oral problems is incomplete and incomplete brushing, and residual accumulation between teeth. The six-sided care toothbrush can brush your teeth in all directions without dead ends and protect your dental health.
  • Ideal Gift
    This toothbrush is very helpful for tooth care. You can give it to your relatives and friends as a gift, and they will fall in love with toothbrushing.


    Product Weight
    • 25G
    Package Size
    (L x W x H)
    • 22 × 10 × 3cm / 8.7 × 3.9 × 1.2inches
    Package Contents
    • Six-sided Toothbrush × 1
    Color black, white, gray