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?Christmas Sale 50% OFF?Electric Earwax Remover

$29.98 USD $14.99 USD -50%
  • Are you still using cotton swabs to clean your ears? Are you still worried about the pain when you remove your earwax? Don't you dare remove your own earwax by yourself?

  • Introducing the Electric Earwax Remover, a perfect tool for removing ear wax from your ear! It can gently vibrate and vacuum dirt particles and moistures out of your ear.

Main Features

  • Soft Double Spoon-type Sucker
    This earwax removal kit can solve the problems of the whole family. Soft, smooth sucker can take care of your ear canal and eardrum very well, unique scoop structure, really safe and comfortable.
  • Safe Suction
    No longer worried about earwax drop into the ear canal. The low suction of our Earwax Remover is to protect our ears from being damaged by high power and high suction while removing ear wax.
  • Super Ear Wax Removal Tool
    Professional electric ear cleaning kit, absorb the dirt inside the ear quickly and suck the dirt into the dirt bin of the machine.
  • All In One
    Comes with 1 ear wax remover, 2 replace heads, 1 small brush to clean the interior and entrance of the vacuum cabin. Suitable for adults, teens, and children. A must for home and travel, a healthier lifestyle for your family.
  • No More Worries, Do It By Yourself
    Turn on the main switch, extend the tip of the sucker gently into the ear, search and suction the earwax, repeat them several times, the ear wax can be easily suctioned.

Using Methods


Product Weight
  • 75G
Product Size 13 × 2.5CM
Package Contents
  • 1 × Earwax Remover
  • 2 × Replace Heads
  • 1 × Brush
  • 1 × Storage Box