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Kitchen lucky bag

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Lucky bag
Happy shopping surprise, lucky to take home.
    ?Only $9.99?

    Lucky bag activity rules:

    There are 6 lucky numbers, and each number represents one of the products; can you choose the product you like? Give it a try! ! !

    Product detail presentation:

    •  Soap Pump & Sponge caddy:Fill the soap pump with your favorite detergent and then use the attached sponge to press down on the pump. This will distribute the proper amount of detergent to the sponge. When you need more, just pump another dose of soap. 

    • Multifunctional Bowl:All-purpose Foldable Silicone Cooking Pocket is multipurpose - Can be used for steaming, roasting, and baking in the oven & microwaving. It is collapsible - You can roll it up easily for convenient storage!
    • Set Of Dumpling Mould:This is a set of home kitchen dumpling machines and peelers that fill, fold and press down on a perfect dumpling. Make dumplings quickly and easily.
    • Copper Grill Mats: A sufficiently thin barbecue mat does not leave grill marks; a 100% non-stick surface can provide better taste and healthier meals.
    • Multifunctional Drain Shelf:It can be used as a fruit drain basket or as a sink trash box. It drains quickly and is easy to use!
    • Suction Cup Whetstone: Just 3 swipes with Suction Cup Whetstone highly efficient knife blade sharpener make old knives cut like brand new - in seconds. IDEAL FOR chef’s knife, butcher knife, hunting knife, pocket knife, and more. 

    There is information about Lucky Bag:

    • Lucky bags cannot be used with coupons.
    • All items you choose will random to send, every piece of Lucky Bag is genuine, please rest assured to buy.
    • You just can't see what is inside beforehand. Just buy a product and draw the mysterious product randomly, which picks from these pictures.
    • The value of what's inside is always higher than what you pay, so you will get not only a surprise but also a great deal!

    Notices :

    • Lucky Bag DO NOT support returns and replacement, in addition to product quality