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Kensan Flower Arranger

$31.98 USD $15.99 USD -50%
Copper Needle 3.4cm
Copper Needle 4.6cm
Copper Needle 6cm
  • Study Kensan flower arranger, easy to carry and store. Perfect floral Kensan flower arranger for a florist, home, kitchen, bedroom, and classroom teaching.

Main Features

    Our Kensan flower arranger consists of a heavy metal platform with erected brass pins for securing flowers. High-quality brass pins are strong enough for woody material, as well as plants. Using Kensan flower arranger reduces the consumption of mater.

  • USAGE:
    Kensan flower arranger hold stems in place and, at the same time, expand the stems. This hydrates them more thoroughly, thus extending the life of your floral arrangement. Ideal for doing floral arrangement or DIY flower crafts to decor home, kitchen.

    Place Kensan flower arranger in a vase or other container, secure flowers or branches by pushing the ends onto the Kensan flower arranger. Cut the stem at a very sharp angle or at a point for easier placement of plant material onto the Kensan flower.

    Each Kensan flower arranger has a detachable rubber Rubber ring at the bottom that fits around the base to protect the vase or container. The rubber gasket also functions as providing better placement of the Kensan flower arranger.


    • Non-woven fabric
    Product Weight
    • Rectangle: 50G
    • Round: 65G
    • Copper Needle 3.4cm: 80G
    • Copper Needle 4.6cm: 165G
    • Copper Needle 6cm: 263G
    Product Size
    (L x W x H)
    • Rectangle: 15 × 10 × 3cm / 5.9 × 3.9 × 1.2inches
    • Round: 15 × 10 × 3cm / 5.9 × 3.9 × 1.2inches
    • Copper Needle 3.4cm: 5 × 5 × 3cm / 2 × 2 × 1.2inches
    • Copper Needle 4.6cm: 6 × 6 × 3cm / 2.4 × 2.4 × 1.2inches
    • Copper Needle 6cm: 7 × 7 × 3cm / 2.8 × 2.8 × 1.2inches
    Package Contents
    • Kensan Flower Arranger × 1


    • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
    • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed in the picture.