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HD Mobile Phone Magnifier Projector Screen

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8 inch/white/folding/remote control
8 inch/black/folding/remote control
10 inch/white/drawer/remote control
10 inch/black/drawer/remote control





[HD Screen Amplifier]:HD vision, eye protection against blue radiation, no power. It will relieve the discomfort and visual fatigue causing by a long time of focusing on the small screen.

[Comfortable Viewing Experience]:The screen magnifier works just like a phone projector screen, effectively doubling the size of your screen, so you can enjoy movies and videos on your smartphone to the fullest in HD.

[Remote Control]:Long-distance watching TV on the big screen. High-definition magnified screen to avoid eye fatigue when watching TV on a small screen for a long time


[Folding Design]:HD screen magnifier Storage type rotating folding design. If the height is not enough, the height can be adjusted with the ring stand. Super slim when folded and also can be carried around in your bag. Suitable for indoor, camping, journey, leisure, anywhere, etc.

[Compatible With Your Device]:The screen magnifier is specifically designed to fit most smartphones, such as iPhones XS Max/XR/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6S, Samsung Galaxy Note 10/9/8/7/6/5 Edge Android phone smartphones.

[Best Choice of Holiday Gifts]: Simple and stylish design makes this product your best choice of holiday gifts for your friends or loved ones.


Folding Design Drawer Design
Color Black/White Black/White
Size 8 inch 10 inch
L x W x H 20.5x14.5x8.5 cm 28x19x1.7 cm
Material  Acrylic + ABS  Acrylic + ABS
Magnification 2-3 times 2-3 times
Package Magnifier+Remote Control  Magnifier+Remote Control 


Important Reminder:

  1. The viewing distance of the amplifier is 1-3 meters.
  2. It can't be seen under strong light (ambient luminosity).
  3. The brightness of the screen of the mobile phone is brighter and better.