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Magic Sakura Bowl (3PCS)

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  • Amazing sake cups, watch sakura flowers bloom magically!

I studied abroad when I was in college, and stayed in Tokyo for two semesters ten years ago. Now living in San Francisco, I often miss the cherry blossoms I saw during the spring in Japan. I saw this set of Magical Sakura color-changing sake cups and had to get them! They are so BEAUTIFUL.

This is my favorite set of sake cups to show off when my family comes over to visit! Simply the best purchase I've ever made, the look on everyone's faces when these beautiful blossoms appear is priceless.

★★★★★ - Jane T., Sakura Lover Customer

Turn your dinner and drinks night into a magic show!

Astonish your guests with a whimsical magic trick that makes vibrant colorful blossoms appear from thin air, as you fill up these traditional Japanese 'o-Choko' 猪口 Sakazuki cups with your most prized sake. In Japan, very expensive premium sake is served cold, with your choice of Nigori or Ginjo, which has a smooth delicate taste and fuller flavors when served chilled. While traditional 'Junmaishu' or hot sake is best served warm. Here at SakuraLover, we provide the original Magic Color Changing sake cups that react to either cold or hot sake or even water/tea.   

How the reaction works

COLD Will only react to COLD liquidsSakura and Peach will bloom PINK, and the Plum specifically blooms RED only in this set. Currently our most detailed in color change as seen in videos. 

HOT - Will only react to HOT liquids. All Sakura, Peach, and Plum will change into a LIGHT PINK blossom. 

DUAL (HOT & COLD) - Will react to BOTH HOT & COLD liquids. All Sakura, Peach, and Plum will bloom LIGHT PINK when HOT, and a detailed BLUE when it is COLD. 

A Traditional Masterpiece

Crafted and hand-painted by local Japanese artisans, inspired by artworks painted by Kitagawa Utamaro. Each 'o-Choko' (sake cup) Sakazuki is painted with a special non-toxic thermochromic pigment ink, and then coated with a food-grade clear ceramic glaze, to seal in the color-changing ink.

Color Changing Feature: The color changes when the temperature of the hot color changing cup is above 103°F, and the color changes when the temperature of the cold color changing cup is below 70.5℉. The pigment is: temperature-sensitive materials are painted on the cup body and coated with a clear glaze, the materials used are heat-sensitive materials, high-temperature resistance of 608 °F, non-toxic, BPA-free, lead-free, chromium-free, and meets the FDA/EU standards.

Due to the delicate thermal reaction, there are cases where certain parts of the world are too hot or too cold that the cups arrive fully bloomed and activated out of the box. In this case, we recommend to serve them at a different season or apply a heating or cooling method to reset the cups back to original blank white with branches. Gentle hand wash is recommended to preserve the longevity of the cups and ink design, a dishwasher is not recommended.

Main Features

  • COLOR-CHANGING TEACUP: In order to activate the teacup, the temperature of the hot liquid should vary in the range of 38°C/100.4°F to 75°C/167°F and the cold liquid should vary in the range of 8°C/46.4°F to 22°C/71.6°F.  At that temperature, it is possible for the color of the teacup to change.
  • KEEP TRACK OF TEA TEMPERATUREPattern at the bottom of the cup changes color as soon as heat is applied. When tea getting colder, the color of the pattern becomes darker.
  • STURDY CERAMIC THAT LASTSProduced in Jingdezhen, the world-renowned Porcelain Capital. Durable ceramic material, safe and healthy for drinking. High-quality digital dyes create a scratch-resistant print that will never fade in daily use.
  • THE FLOWER CONTAINS A GOOD MORALCherry blossom, the symbolic language of this flower is life, and it also means happiness, warmth, purity, nobleness, and spiritual beauty.  Plum blossom, a symbol of life's flexibility, strength, and happiness. It is elegant, graceful, evergreen, and undefeated, symbolizing eternal youth, gentlemanly manner, and pride.

Using Methods

  • It is a tea set and the bottom pattern will change different colors according to the different tea temperatures.


Product Weight
  • Net Weight: 390g
  • Package Weight: 429g
Product Size
  • 9 × 9 × 3.4cm
Package Contents
  • Ceramic Magic Heat Color Changing Tea Cup × 3
  • Exquisite box packaging × 3
Capacity 70ml
Style Japanese


  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.
  • The shop bears the risk of damage to goods transportation. If you find that the cup is damaged, please contact customer service and provide pictures.