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Boxing Reflex Ball

$25.99 $16.97 -35%
LOVE Elastic Headband
Nylon Adjustable Headband
Elastic Head Buckle
Silicone Headband
A yellow tennis
A red tennis
A red PU ball
A black PU ball
A rubber balls
Two balls (red ball+ black ball)
Two balls (rubber ball + black ball)
A Boxing Reflex Ball will relieve your stress, while it will improve your reaction time and speed, and also keep your kids away from electronics. It's your best bet.

      Main Features

      • [Fun for the Whole Family]
        Kids age 8+ and elders age up to 70+ are enjoying this competitive fun game, everyone is trying to beat each other by counting more consecutive punches.

      • [Great Workout Without Noticing]
        Boxing Reflex Ball is a new yo-yo for people that enjoy fun activities while getting exercise! The fun factor and mellow curve are surprisingly addictive, the time flies by and you don’t realize how much you’ve been training.

      • [Hand-dry Coordination]

        It might not go to improve your punching or boxing technique, but it will definitely improve your reaction time and hand-eye coordination while providing a fun warm-up exercise.

      • [Easy&Safe to Use]
        We specifically designed 3 balls and the NOVICES one is a very basic level for beginners, easy to get the hang of it, it doesn’t require boxing gloves as the balls are very light and soft and do not hurt even if it hit your face.


        • PU
        Product Weight
        • 200G
        Product Size
        • 7 × 7 × 20CM
        Package Contents
        • Boxing Reflex Ball × 1


        • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.